Frequently Asked Questions for Star Shoot VS.

The opponent's shot was strange.
The shot added 2 points of damage to the P box despite being only one shot.
Maybe the opponent used a technique that pushes two skill buttons at once.

If you don't think that is the case, please tell us in detail.
There were terrible lags.
It depends on each player's network environment, and we don't have our own servers. Therefore, we think that there are limits to improvement. However, we are going to improve the quality as much as possible. We ask for your patience.
I want to play against my overseas friends in friend mode.
The regions (countries) of the servers need to match. In friend mode, you can add "@+region" at the end of the password to make it possible to match the region for each room. You can fix the region.

For example, if you set "password@jp", you can play in the Japan region (if the region is far away, there will be more lag).

Currently, the region code you can choose from is: "jp" = Japan, "usw" = United States, "eu" = Europe.
What does the message "You can invite more than three friends" mean at the friend mode?
If you log into the same room with more than 3 people, 2 people battle, and a person waits for the end of the match.
We will improve this feature more, and we will attach the match viewing feature.
Is it possible for a game to end in a draw?
No, it isn't. Each player wins if they lose at the same moment.
Can I move my current data over to other devices?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we don't have that option for now.
You can restore the purchased characters with the platform feature (AppStore / GooglePlay).
What is "The Galaxy"? How many types are there?
Depending on the player's level, "The Sweet Galaxy" and "The Spicy Galaxy" is divided into two types of spaces. When the rate of the suite reaches 1,500, you will promote to "The Spicy Galaxy". If "The Spicy Galaxy"'s rate falls below 1,500, it will not be relegated.
I don't like the rate drop. I don't feel comfortable playing, so I want a mode with no rates.
It's hard to create a mode that reduces the matching population, since the game is only viable if there are opponents. There is also the idea of making rate fluctuations optional, but we have decided not to adopt it because it might make the matches less serious.
Can I broadcast or upload my gameplay?
These are greatly appreciated!

(* Note: Please take care, do not to hurt other players.)
How do I report a problem or ask a question?
You can send a message to us from the game or here.